About Clevedale

Coming from the small town of Bishopville SC and the large city of St Louis MO, Pontheolla and Paul were struck by Spartanburg’s small town charm and big city amenities.

The marriage between a radio newscaster and an Episcopal priest gives a depth of experience to hosting guests as shown time and time again by guests’ reviews.

"Hospitality is mutual."

Small Business Award Winners!

We're Pontheolla & Paul

  • A solid working team

    A solid working team

  • Loving the lifestyle

    Loving the lifestyle

  • Making time to enjoy it!

    Making time to enjoy it!

Farm life helped to prepare Pontheolla for being a caretaker of Clevedale’s lush English gardens.

Both Paul and Pontheolla enjoy the kitchen and trade off on preparing various Southern inspired breakfast fare.

And their love for the arts inspires the many events held on the grounds.

This hidden gem that started out as just a bed and breakfast is becoming an event hub in Spartanburg county.