Our guests get around on land & air!

"It was last August that we stayed with you on our road trip to a memorial in Memphis. 
We won’t be heading south this August, but last week we traveled back from California and on the plane we watched “We’re Here” Spartanburg! 
You had told us about the exciting experience of hosting the crew, but since we don’t get HBOMax we had not seen the show. 
It was available on the plane and IT WAS SO GREAT!  Such joy and love flowed from the program and such a deserved acknowledgement of Ponthy and Clevedale. 
I cried in my seat. 
I found the show to be a powerful injection of love and acceptance. 
I don’t remember how you got connected to the show, but from my perspective, Clevedale midwifed a whole lot of love and forgiveness into Spartanburg by being the show’s home base."

Note : We have a 2 night minimum stay

The Jordans

  • With Josie & Bill

    With Josie & Bill